Eye Care: Types and Expressions of Eyes

Eyes are the mirror of our health, mood and temperament. They help us to perceive various objects, protect us from dangers by giving forewarning about impending dangers. But for the eyes, all our activities of life would have come to a grinding halt and all the charm, beauty, perception, vision, pleasure, etc. would have been lost to us. We can behold beauty through our eyes. It has been well said that beauty lies in the beholder’s eyes but, then, one must have eyes to behold.

Imagine the plight and haplessness, mental agony, frustration of a person who has been blessed with eyes, but not with eyesight. All our daily chores and routine activities would never have been performed without a good eye-sight. Poets have written and eulogised the eyes and their capacity to convey expressions in their own inimitable ways, for the simple reason that it is the eyes that reflect on our mind and heart.

Eyes create sensations of fancy and hatred, love and animosity, acceptance and denial, pain and pleasure, agony and elation, affinity and withdrawal. However, you may try to conceal your emotions, sentiments, feelings, expressions or else you may pretend to laugh over a problem, be shameful or obdurate, your eyes will disclose what you actually wished to withhold into yourself. Tyrants and merciful people, cheats and dacoits, saints and worthy persons, idiots and wise men cannot escape the dragnet of their eyes because your eyes would never confide in them as they are the true picture of your personality traits.


Red eyes/Blood shot eyes
Penetrating eyes
Yellow eyes/Jaundiced eyes
Expressive eyes
Pink eyes
Communicative eyes
Watery eyes
Timid eyes/Dull eyes
Angry eyes
Ferocious eyes
Sympathetic eyes Sexy eyes
Affectionate eyes
Tired eyes/Fatigued eyes
Cunning eyes
Cheerful eyes
Foxy eyes
Tense eyes
Scared/Frightened eyes
Boring eyes
Aggressive eyes
Drooping eyes
Vacant Expressionless eyes
Benign/kind eyes etc.

In addition to the types of eyes described above, there are many other types of eyes which, due to space crunch, are not being mentioned.


Look of the eyes reveals expressions and moods of individuals and state of mind and most of the diseases can be easily discerned and earmarked. In fact, revelations doled out by eyes are the various states of moods to which a person reacts. Reactions of mind and expressions on face cannot be concealed, despite best efforts. Had it not been so, we would never have come to know as to how a person could express his reactions.

Personality traits can be judged easily by reactions on face and when face is tense and red, stress and discomfort could be easily precluded but, when one is cheerful, the eyes will beam with joy, without showing even a semblance of tension. All persons, due to variable personality traits, do not react uniformally in a given situation and time, their facial reactions and expressions do not reveal the actual state of their mind. But, all said and done, eyes often convey the emotive convulsions and fluctuating feelings of variable etiologies. Eyes have been rightly called a mirror of mind. It needs a lot of experience to train the mind to such an extent that it (mind) may not speak through eyes.

Various conjectures and surmises are expressed through various movements of eyes (when you nod your head, in agreement to a suggestion, your eyes will also express identical feelings). If you have negated a suggestion, your eyes will also conform to your negative decision. You cannot be positive and negative in a single situation and at the same time. There cannot be any variation, as a general rule, to your feelings of pain and pleasure, hatred and love, compassion and savagery, acceptance and denial, overt and covert actions, permissive and prohibitive actions—all such variations cannot escape from and wriggle out of dragnet of your eyes.

Certain persons brood over even minor trivialities of life, whereas others remain unaffected, but your instant and delayed reactions would be explicit from your visual impressions/ expressions. There are very few people who are adept in the art of concealing their feelings and reactions and their faces and eyes would not divulge what they actually have in their minds. People, pure in word, deed and thought, are generally frank (if not outspoken) and are not adept in the art of concealing their reactions and that’s the reason their mental feelings are expressed through their eyes also, apart from changes in facial expressions.

Psychiatrists derive plenty of information from the eyes of patients and easily conclude with what sort and personality of the patients they are due to deal with and confront. If you are trying to mislead your physician, or for that matter any other person, your eyes will reveal that you are not speaking the truth. So take care of your eyes and look after them well so that you are not landed in an awkward situation.

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