Eye Care: How Fit is Your Vision? Eye Fitness Questionnaire

From case histories and clinical research we find that certain behaviours are related to vision-fitness. The following questionnaire wil help you identify particular behaviours that apply to your vision-fitness. Indicate on a scale from zero to ten how difficult these activities are for you.

If you gave yourself a score of five or higher on an item, your ability to perform that activity could be improved by better vision-fitness.

Having read this far, you should now be better prepared to participate as an intelligent consumer in your vision-care programme. Armed with questions and new insight into your vision-fitness, you can be ready to request the kind of vision, care you desire. Find a vision-oriented optometrist or ophthalmologist who will work with you.


1. Do you have difficulty in completing a near-distance assignment (e.g., reading, writing a letter, or studying)?

2. Do you experience difficulty when shifting from one activity to another (e.g., working on a project and then going to cook)?

3. Do you find playing and enjoying tennis, basketball, or any other game involving fast-moving balls and players difficult?

4. Is your reading speed slow (200 words per minute or less), or have you noticed a drop in your reading speed?

5. Do you have difficulty reading maps or visualizing geometry?

6. Do you have difficulty visualizing something you’re reading about or imagining ‘as if situations (e.g., trying to imagine the sun shining on a rainy day)?

7. Have you expereinced difficulty with hidden-word games, losing your sense of direction, or keeping your place while following directions or reading?

8. Is it hard for you to read for pleasure?

9. Do you have difficulty concentrating on concurrent events (e.g., following a lecture while taking notes)?

10. Does your stomach bother you when you read in the back seat of a car?

11. Is it a challenge for you to organize your visual and mental capacities to read and write effectively (e.g.,following an author’s point of view or writing a short story)?

12. Are you disappointed by your performance in reading and writing?

13. Is it hard for you to accurately recall or reproduce a drawn, written, or visual presentation of what you’ve seen (e.g., observing scene and then listing what you saw without rechecking?

14. Is it hard for you to solve practical or theoretical problems without using paper and a pen or pencil?

15. Is your visual attention poorer when there is movement, or does the horizon appear to move up and down when you walk?

16. Do you find it awkward to judge where objects are located (e.g., judging the distance when you reach out to find something)?

17. Do you often misjudge an object’s true position?

18. Are you bothered by crowds in theaters, department stores, or shopping centres?

19. Do you have difficulty tracking (following) an object moving laterally or vertically?

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