Pranic Healing: Stimulating Anahata / Heart Chakra with Their Seed Words

Seed Word = Y
Inhale Mantra = YANM
Exhale mantra = MEEY-YOU
Principle = AIR

It strengthens the Heart for proper circulation of blood, to circulate air/oxygen/nutrients to all the cells in the body. It imparts compassion to our Heart to develop the feeling of oneness with all persons — we are all the children of this beautiful world.

It activates the Thymus gland. This Chakra stimulates the Heart for all embracing love for Humanity, and it also helps the heart to secrete a powerful peptide hormone called atrial Natriurebo factor (ANF). This hormone has an important role in the regulation of blood pressure and blood volume. It exerts its effect widely on the blood vessels themselves, on the adrenal glands and on the large number of regulator regions in the brain.

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