Pranic Healing: Resonating Basic Sex Chakra with Simple Breathing Mantras Using “L’

The English Word ‘Long’ spoken as Laang can help us to take a very long breath from the bottom of the spine (L), then it yokes us with infinity – the Superconsciousness with the word AN to draw in as much pranic life energy as possible and the breathing mantra ends at the words ‘G’ which is the seed word for left brain. The word ANG helps to strengthen the nasal cavity hormone-Immuno-globin A to boost our immunity. Because of the property of the word LONG to help us inhale a long and deep breath, I call it a Longevity mantra.

1) Thus,

Inhale with = LONG
Exhale with = GLEEN

2) Another mantra which helps us to breathe from the bottom of the legs is Alia and reaches the crown chakra with M to illuminate our being, because the word ‘L’ as said earlier also kindles the divine Kundalini.

Inhale with = ALLAM
Exhale with = MIL LI or ILLUME

3) The Word ‘Healing’ is very healsome mantra. Besides, it helps by its suggestive power of continuance of healing process

Exhale with = HEALING
Inhale with = LAHHANG

In the above mantra the word ‘H’ is the seed word for throat chakra, which strengthens the thyroid gland and the communication link in the cervical region of the spine between the body and the brain. The word H also helps in the metabolism of fat/carbohydrates in our body. The action of words L&ANG has already been explained above in the mantra LONG.

4) Another breathing mantra which helps to strengthen the heart’s circulation and impart to us the angelic quality of COMPASSION, is by using the word Y/J- the seed words for Heart Chakra.

Exhale with = Angel
Inhale with = LAJJAN

5) In order to help us breathe to our optimum capacity with our lungs, we make use of the word PH, in the breathing mantra

Inhale with = LAPHAN
Exhale with = NEEPHIL or NEW-FILL

This mantra also strengthen the brow chakra with its seed word N, thus helping to strengthen the left brain and the pituitary gland which is director of total glandular activity in our body/ mind system, thus fortifying our body’s immune system to keep us healthy and fit. That is why the word ‘Laphani’ in our Hindi/Urdu language means Immortal. This is thus the simiplest mantra to helps us to become Ageless.

The exhale mantra-New-Fill is very suggestive indeed, as if we are newly filling our body and recharging our life battery daily to become immortal.

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