Modern Medicine: Treatment for Orchitis & Epididymitis

Orchitis is simply an inflammation of the testicles and that of epiddymitis is inflammation of epiddymis (a highly convoluled tube, about 7 metres long that connects the testes to vas deferons) and quite often symptoms of both diseases co-exit-caused usually by some infection. The condition may affect cither or both the testes. When both the major organs are infected and involved, the malady is termed as ‘Epididymo-orchitis’.


Some sort of infection.


Pain, redness and swelling of the serotum and/or epididymis (In epididymitis, there is pain, redness and swelling in half (portion of sorotum). 1 he infection may develop in mumps (Mumps ‘Orchitis’) resulting in sterility.

Treatment: Local support should be provided to the scrotum so that it does not hang, by elevating the lower side of scrotum with a bandage/piece of cloth. To subside pain give some analgesics, like Paracetamol or Analgin – one tablet 3-4 times a day. Tab of Ciprofloxin 400 mg twice daily for 5-7 days and should be stopped when cure is obtained. Local hot fermentation may be given.

The patient should have complete rest-in-bed until fully cured but should never allow testes and scrotum to hand down. Use a soft cushioned seat but avoid any injury or jerk. If the infection still persists and shows no signs of improvement, consult a doctor to seek his advice. Though there is no problem to be faced as to free passage of urine yet avoid all irritants, fats, spices from diet, but take plenty of oral fluids to ensure free urinary flow.

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