Modern Medicine: Treatment for Phimosis/Paraphimosis

Inability of completely uncover the tip of male organ (called ‘Glans Penis’) and an inability to retract the foreskin (called ‘Prepuce – an elastic skin covering over the glans-penis) is called ‘Phimosis’ but the term ‘Para-Phimosis’ is used to explain inability to draw back the foreskin which has once been drawn up.

The foreskin is fissured, red, swollen and inflamed and there is restivity. Urinary flow is not interrupted in majority of cases but if it is. so, circumcision is the only way out. If it occurs in childhood, do not delay in consulting a surgeon, as the foreskin will go on hardening and loose its flexibility also as the age advances, hence nip the problem in the bud.

Para-phimosis is not a major problem which does not interfere with urinary flow. Pain, swelling and redness surface when the foreskin is forcibly drawn back. Use some vaseline or cream to soften and moisten the glans-penis and prepuce so that foreskin could be drawn up and down.

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