Modern Medicine: Treatment for Gonorrhoea

This disease is caused by Cohabitation with a person suffering from this disease, and either sex can be infected. Being a dangerous venereal disease. (Caused by the bacterium Neisseria gonorrhoeae) it affects genital mucus membranes of both sexes -penis and urethra in case of males and vagina in the case of females. Symptoms develop after about a week after the infection which is contagious in nature.
Causes and Symptoms
There is severe and unbearable pain while passing urine which is passed with much difficulty.

Local caulifower-like excescences appear on the genital.
The germs enter into urethra or the white portion (conjunctiva) ofthe eyes from the infected person to a healthy person.
or – By using a soiled personal linen belonging to a sufferer.
It may extend from vagina to rectum.
In 24-48 hours of infection, the opening of male urethra (meatus) becomes red, itchy, soon followed by very painful passage of urine.
At first inner lining of urethra becomes inflamed and ulcerated, discharging, at first thin and, later, thick greenish pus.
Painful erection of penis also takes place.
Tenderness of testicles and bubo.
Severe smarting on every attempt to mucturite.
All the above symptoms occur in female also in relation to the Vagina.

This disease may be divided into 3 stages, as follows:

1st Stage : It lasts for 2-3 days and is Characterised by thin whitish discharges.

2nd Stage : Lasts for 2-8 weeks and is characterised by thick, creamy purulent discharges.

3rd Stage : It lasts for about 3 weeks or so and is characterised by muco-purulent (mucus-cum-pus) discharges. This stage is known as gleet stage which might last for an indefinite period, though 2nd period is the most painful one.

It should be noted that pains due to gonorrhoea are aggravated in the night but those arising due to syphilis are not aggravated at night. – this is a Cardinal and glaring difference as to the timing of pain.

Further, if a father (infected with Gonorrhoeal bacterium) mates with his non-infected wife, the infection will not only pass on to the lady but also to her offspring. When such an infected child comes out of his mother’s Vagina, his/her eyes may get infected.


1. Balanitis (explained earlier)
2. Chordee (Painful erections)
3. Phimosis and Paraphimosis (already explained)
4. Orchitis (already explained)
5. Vaginitis (Inflammation of Vagina)
6. Warts
7. Bloody urine
8. Stricture of passage (Narrowing of passage)
9. Ophthalmia/conjunctivitis
10. Rheumatism or/and arthritis.
11. Retention of urine
12. Sterility
13. Inflammation of the Valves of heart (endocarditis).
14. Pain all over the body.

Treatment: Ensure and maintain high standard of personal hygiene. Do not use anybody’s linen nor allow others to use yours. Keep your infected clothes separately and wash with Pot. Per-manganate/dettol/ savalon. Apply Betnovate-c ointment locally, If there is redness, and swelling. Wash glans penis, foreskin and hands thoroughly with dettol soap every time and use this also soap during bath.

For dispelling burning sensation, take 1-2 TSP of Alkasol with water 3-4 times daily, other drug to remove infection is Penicilin (Injection of Penidure – AP or LA or Palm) or any other antibiotic prescribed by the doctor. Do not use any drug without consulting a doctor, as there are greater chances of reaction to many patients.

Finally, I would advise the infected persons never to hesitate, conceal and prolong the disease. As soon as any leading symptoms are noticed, at once seek medical advice and follow your doctor’s instructions with full sincerity. If you do anything otherwise, you are simply harming and further complicating your case.

Note: For quicker recovery use Ciprofloxin 250 mg 750 mg twice daily for 5-10 days or as advised by your doctor. (Do not administer to children below 12) or Bactrum-D.S. (a milder medicine) -one tablet 12 hourly (twice daily) for 5-7 days.

Take plenty of oral fluids, coconut water and take only bland diet, excluding all irritating articles from diet. Change underwear quite frequently or, at least, after the same gets soiled and infected.

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