Modern Medicine: Treatment for Balanitis

This is an inflammation of the mucus lining of the glans-penis which is red, itches, greatly pains. Pimples or scabs mayalso appear on the glans penis, with accumulation of yellow pus under the prepuce. In addition, there could also appear mucous patches or warts.

This infection is quite serious and the male must not have sex with his wife or, for that matter, with any other woman so that the infection is not transmitted to his mating partner. If a female discharges hot, acrid, corroding, offensive and burning discharge from her vagina or even if such a discharge is of leucorrhoeal origin, the male must not cohabilate with his female counterpart. If he chooses to do so he is almost liable to have infection of balanitis. If the male suffers from balanitis (even if he gets infection through leucorrhoeal discharge of female) he will pass on the infection to her.

Treatment: Personal hygiene must be given atop priority by keeping the glans and prepuce clean by washing with diluted solution of dettol or savalon. Betnovate-N ointment may be applied locally 3-4 times daily. Take a Septran-D.S tablet 12 hourly. If there is pain or/and burning before/during/after passing urine take a TSP of Alkasol, thrice daily, and take plenty of liquids (bland) orally. Eliminate all irritating & pungent articles from diet, including tobacco & alcohol.

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