Modern Medicine: Treatment for Skin Disease

Even though skin and its related diseases remained neglected for a considerable span to time, its utility and important to our body is of paramount importance. Imagine how horribly human body would have looked, had there been no skin over body-Cage. People have now become more conscious about skin care and its beauty and sprawling number of beauty parlors is a living testimony our above observation that, not only ladies but gents also are showing growing awareness towards skin care. It is not the Complexion that counts, it is the glare and softness of skin that matters and attracts others. Emotions directly impact our skin, as under fear skin shrivels and contracts, under a jovial and easy mood it dialates. When sex oveipowers it reddens and in modesty it blushes.

Weather Conditions, pollution and environmental effects. Plot and Cold winds, eating habits, faulty way of living, poor hygienic standard and working in/near chemical factories, furnaces, etc cast highly damaging and unfavorable impact on skin.

Skin is an outer Covering ofthe body which Consists of :-

(i) An outer layer, called the Epidermics’
(ii) An inner layer. Called the ‘Dermis’
(iii) Beneath the dermis there is a layer of ‘Fatty tissue”

Functions of skin

(i) Epidermis protects the body from invasion by parasites and injuries
(ii) Helps and prevents the body from becoming dehydrated
(iii) Combination of Erectile hairs, sweat glands and blood capillaries in the skin form part of the temperature-regulating machinism
(iv) When the body is too cold, sweat glands become inactive, the capillaries contract and a layer of hair is trapped over the epidermis by the erected hairs
(v) When the body is too hot, loss of heat is increased by sweating and by the dialation of the capillaries
(vi) Skin acts as an organ of excretion (i.e by the excretion of sweat)
(vii) Skin also acts as a sense organ, in the sense that it contains receptors that are sesitive to cold, touch, heat and pain
(viii) The layer of fat below (undereath) the dermis can act as a reservoir of food and water (its anatomical name is’Cutis’ (Quoted (partly) from Harrison) Sweating is a normal function ofthe skin but too poofuse, too low or even absence of sweat constitute a disease, whatever be its causative factor.

Factors that cause skin diseases

(i) Sensitivity of skin
(ii) Pollution – of air, water, chemicals, toxins
(iii) Food allergies
(iv) Drug allergies
(v) Allergies caused by Vegetations (plants, trees, shrubs,pollens)
(vi) Contact dermatitis
(vii) Application of Certain Cosmetics, face powders, skin creams, ointments beauty aids Hair dyes, nail polish, Bindi, Vermilon (Sindoor)
(viii) Contact with pet animals like cats, dogs, Cows, horses, rabbits etc
(ix) Allergic diseases caused by dust inhalation, smoke, soot, animal dander.
(x) Drug induced infection – Whether of instant or Chronic variety
(xi) Costive and irregular bowels
(xii) Worm infestations.

General Cautions and Guidelines

1. Never use any skin lotion, Cream, ointment, spray, Hairdye, Without Consulting a doctor, or still better a dermatologist
2. Do not expose your body to extreme and sudden weather changes – that is from moving from a heated room to a cold place and vice Versa
3. Avoid using synthetic clothes – Instead use Cotton clothes or those clothes which have low percentage of synthetic yarn.
4. Do not use wear shoes, hankies, clothes, socks, underwears of another person,
5. Do not use any unknown drug whose reaction is unknown to you.
6. Tell your doctor about known allergic factors
7. Avoid use of Air-Conditioners, too hot or too cold liquid edible and solid foods
8. Avoid using oils, spices, condiments, wines, whisky and beer
9. Do not suppress natural sweat.
10. Do not apply any oil and/or essential oil if your skin is hypersensitive or do not massage with a type of oil that causes skin ‘allergies;.
11. Use dairy, poultry, and sea products only when you are sure that none of them will cause any sort of reaction/discomfort.
12. Unless advised by a doctor, do not use any cortecosteroird based local or oral application.

If you can act upon the above suggestions, you are not likely to suffer from any skin infection, so to say. So, prevention is the forerunner of any disorder. If you know the cause and are able to take preemptive steps, you can ward off most of the ailments.

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