Modern Medicine: Treatment for Urticarea (Hives, Nettle Rash)

This is also known as hives and Nettlerash and Caused by food deviations, reactions or any allergic factor. One may have urticarea due to one type of allergy and may have other Cause next time, so it is not easy to discern the underlying or precepitatory cause each time, Even a sudden exposure to rain, cold or heat, contact, some irritating food items specific types of applications clothes, shoes underwears local skin, stings / bites of insects and animals will suffice to cause urticarial infections / eruptions.

Round wheals or eruptions may appear on the skin varying in size, shape and appearance, there is maddening itch all over the body and the patient goes on scratching with his finger nails or sharp instruments and, in some cases intense scratching may cause bleeding even (though rare, but not ruled out). There is intense thirst and restivity but, generally, no fever. Urticarea appears generally over the whole body but if the symptoms affect lips, mouth, tongue also, this is a serious development. The latter variety is called ‘Angioneurotic edema’ ‘which must be attended to by a doctor’..

To tone down restivity and eruptions give a tablet of A vii (25 mg) or Phenergan 5 mg), Incid-L (one a day dose) thrice daily (except Incidn L); forestal lontab, any one tablet, once a day) or a 10 mg tablet of Alestol, Astelong once daily.

Avoid / eliminate the known factors; take only easily digestible liquid diet. Do not smoke, drink alcohol, use spices, acidic, condiments, Shell fish or strawberries fruits, previously, held to the causatives. Some advise 500 mg a tablet of Calcium lactate Glucocnate as a supporting measure to the said medicines, If drug allergy be the cause and the culprit drug is fully known/discerned, stop using such a drug. In any case, avoid exposure to sudden thermic changes. Do not scratch with nails or any rough or sharp ob-ject, in stead use a piace of linen, or towel for scratching with a soft and gentle hand-pressure.

Ensure clearance of bowels and free urinary flow, as also natural sweating. If histamine is the Cause, take only anti histamine drugs (like Avil, Phenergan etc). The dosage, mentioned above, should be adjusted in view of gravity of the disease. In extreme cases, corticosteroids may have to be given, but only under medical supervision due to tapering ofthe dose. Do not drive operate machinery or move out after taking antihistamine drugs.

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