Modern Medicine: Treatment for Eczema

It could surface in the form of dry or moist (wet) Eczama. When in moist form, a thick substance Continues to ooze out which infects surrounding areas also, after spreading thereto. At times, there is sanguinely a superficial healing when (hard) crusts form which have pus, blood or simply watery substance underneath.

There is intense itching, smarting, occasional pain also. Eczema generally appears on scalp on and around ears, nose, neck, underarm pits, skin folds (like thigh joint), genitals, hands and feet. In a way, it can appear on any skin surface. Many cases of neglected skin infections, indigestion, too much labour, exposure to hot sunrays, use of mercury, use of irritants, skin ointments, lotions, creams, bathing soaps, tablets are the usual causes. It can be passed on from a diseased person to a healthy person also.

Take a 25 mg tablet of Avil/5 mg tablet of phenergan thrice daily. Apply Betnovate ‘N’ or ‘C Quadriderm or Derma quinol, wash the affected site with weak Borice acid lotion or savlon (diluted lotion), keep the surface clean and do not let flies, dust, other harmful substances settle thereon. Avoid extreme heat conditions There is no need to bandage but affected portion should be studiously kept dry.

If infection fails to subside, take a tablet of Griceofulvin three times daily to subside fungal infection, if any, or Consult a Dermatologist No synthetic cloth should come in Contact with eczematous site.

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