Water Therapy: How to Take an Enema?

An enema with warm water (one to one and a half litres) should be taken daily when you are on a diet of fruits or are fasting. If you do not take an enema, there is no benefit to be derived from fasting on fruits alone. Such enema can help when constipation is very severe or when you are seeking naturopathic treatment.

The follwing points should be kept in mind while taking an enema :

1. Lie down on a hard bed. The foot of the bed must be four inches higher than the head. Of course, you can take the enema while lying on the floor, but in that case your buttocks should be higher than the rest of your body in order to facilitate the liquid through the rectum.

2. The vessel containing Ihc hot water for the enema should be suspended from a nail at a height of three feet from the body. The nozzle should be introduced into the rectum to allow the water to go in.

3. If you raise your knees, it would facilitate the introduction of the enema into the rectum.

4. Check that the nozzle is not blocked; in that process some of the liquid should be allowed to run off. This will also ensure that there is no air trapped in the tube, which may enter the intestines with the enema.

5. Let the water go into the rectum, retain it for two to three minutes before you visit the toilet.

6. Do not strain at the stools after an enema. Straining will not help clean the bowels as they should be cleaned.

In the case of ordinary effectiveness, a strengthening enema is advised. For that, about 250 millilitres of cold water should be introduced into the intestines and retained for five to ten minutes. Cold water penetrates the intestines and tones it.

Whether the enema water is small in quantity or not, you must let the water come on its own. Do not strain, nor be in a hurry. In the beginning you might have to spend up to half an hour in the toilet after you have taken the enema.

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