Diet Cure: Forgotten Truths About Diet

Punjabis’ diet

A variety of diets prevail in India. The Punjabis’ diet is considered the best. Their stature and strength are sufficient proofs. Diet also will disclose the character of a person. The man’s endurance could be estimated. One who feeds on undesirable stuff would exhibit tendencies undesired by society. Nothing else is to be expected from him. One who feeds on low protein diet will certanily be weak. Deficiency diseases are growing by leaps and bounds. For these there is no cure through medicines. Only when protective foods are taken health will be restored. This miracle happens by the supply of the vitamins, minerals and salts, which had been absent.

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Diet Cure: Are We Eating Right?

Days pass. Life ebbs. Weeks roll into months and they end in the year. Past accounts are checked. New accounts are opened. But what about the balance sheet of joy in Life? When are the lethargic old habits to go? And when new ones, great ones to begin? In the past we destroyed health and therefore wealth. How about happiness in the future?

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Diet Cure: Myths About Rice Diet

Protein deficiency

Quantitative analysis would place the requirements of the body in the order of protein, starch, Fat, Vitamin, Salts and Minerals. The South Indians depend on rice chiefly to get their protein. The Bengalis are also placed in a similar position. In northern India and the Western countries, wheat supplies the protein. Rice is low in protein.

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Diet Cure: Raw Rice and Boiled Rice

Rice? or Wheat?

Lazy people are prone to spread false rumours. Some will say that proper weight of body will be beyond reach on rice diet. Others will come forward with the theory that only wheat will fatten one. Empty fights will be started between the greatness of rice and wheat and people will watch grinningly the victims of their fads.

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Diet Cure: Advantages of Hand Pounded Rice

Tyrannic Machine Pounding

When the machine was first imported for milling paddy, the rice produced was not welcomed by the people. It was dubbed heating and evil smelling. Some rejected it on the grounds of orthodoxy. It is a surprise to see how this very rice has become a demi god, dictating through the degenerate fashion world, encased in the armour of ignorance!

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Diet Cure: Disadvantages of Machine Rice

The Killing Machine

The machine rice pervades the world. The evil of this must be noted well. A little thinking will disclose the truth at once. No one need be exasperated at the machine so long as it functions in its proper sphere. But when it tries to kill its own inventors by devouring the vitality of food stuffs, it has to be rejected and confined to its proper corner. The dangerous onslaught of this machine is well seen in the matter of this rice.

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Diet Cure: Protein Proportion in Food

Staple Food

Our ancestors had not chosen uncommon unavailable grains as the staple food of the people. Each province will have preponderance in production of some type of grain. This available material only has been adopted as the primary food. Other articles had been selected for consumption to supplement the primary food. There are places where only Ragi is grown. It would have been folly to prescribe Sambarice and allow the people to live in an eternal dilemma. South India and Bengal produce mostly paddy. This has to be the primary article of food. The polished rice is deficient in protein, fat, minerals, salt and vitamin. Other articles supplying the deficiencies have to be used for a proper balance. Then only the music of life will be in undisturbed harmony!

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Diet Cure: What is Reformed Diet?

Supporting of Coonoor Publication

Milk, dhal, vegetables, greens and oils must be taken in the daily diet along with rice. This mixed diet must be balanced to give necessary quantities of heat energy, protein, vitamin, etc. Failure to secure this balance will result in thinning of the body. Deficiency diseases also will crop up. The significance of this balanced diet has been well brought out in the Coonoor publication. Two drawings given illustrate the whole problem graphically.

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Diet Cure: Goodness of Wheat and Wheat Preparations

Large Intestine friendly

Great strength and stamina will be given by the whole-meal wheat flour chappatiy. No money need be spent for ‘gripe water’ if boys and girls are given this food. There will be no necessity for ‘fruit salts’ if adults and elderly people munch this daily for their food! Our civilised beings have no natural urge to evacuate their bowels. All through the day they sit rooted like tamarind bags to one place. They need these artificial aids. The bull becomes insensible by repeated use of the goad. Such has become the fate of the larger intestines by repeated use of the ‘Fruit Salt’ goad. To these people this chappathy will prove a great blessing. With the addition of greens or jaggery powder these can have a nice time.

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