How to Lose Weight: What is intelligent reducing and guide to sensible eating all about?

“I’ve been on every diet known to man ” complained priest and principal Father Gregory Lobo ” and I succeeded on all of them. It’s not that I don’t manage to get down to my “target weight”. It’s just that I never manage to stay there long enough to find out how good it feels.”

It’s a story he shares with thousands of unsuccessful and frustrated slimmers. Like him they often feel that they are doomed to remain over-weight. Almost as quickly as the kilos drop off, they begin creeping back setting comfortably once again on hips, thighs and paunches. Indeed atleast two-thirds of those who lose weight gain it all back soon, and the rest within a few years.

“It is high time someone showed a practical way to lose weight and how to keep the weight off permanently, once you lost it” lamented famous play-back singer Ms. Sushma Shrestha.

Here, at last, is a chapter describing a permanent – weight loss programme, that will trim excess body fat and keep it off. Throw away your charts, weights and measures.

Never say diet. Come eat and live with me. This intelligent and practical way of eating is not a fad diet. Instead it is a sensible diet based on medical evidence and scientific well balanced nutrition. Follow this sensible diet designed in a way from which the body can derive the fullest nourishment and benefit, to assure good health as well as permanent weight loss.

Is this guide to sensible eating for everyone ?

“Obesity is a common and serious nutritional – problem afflicting the Indian public today” says Dr. H. D. Gandhi, Ayurved Acharya running an obesity and applied nutrition clinic in Bombay since 1954.

As per the earlier chapter on Health Hazards of obesity, it has now been an established fact that obesity, can be a factor in development of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, gall bladder disease, degenerative changes in joints and certain cancers.

Even if you aren’t obese, bad eating habits can contribute to the development of disease. Sir Robert Mc Carrison, former Director of Research on Nutrition in India summing up his experience says, “The single factor in the acquisition and maintenance of good health is perfectly constituted food which consists of milk, milk products, whole grain cereals, nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables”. These are called protective foods. He adds that most people do not get enough of protective foods and their diet is therefore incomplete and results ultimately in disease.

The degeneration of the human race has been brought about by the departure from its natural foods. Foods deficient in fibre and rich in saturated fats, salt, sugar and cholesterol, contribute to the development of disease such as diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure and other killer diseases. Breast cancer and heart disease for example, have been linked to a high-fat diet. Evidence indicates that colon cancer can be caused by dietary fat as well as lack of adequate fibre in diets made up primarily of processed foods. Increased consumption of sugar is believed to be responsible for increasing incidence of diabetes. High blood pressure may be triggered by over consumption of salt, and so on.

Good eating habits can ‘prevent’ many diseases as well as reduce excess body fat. This can be easily achieved through sensible eating on The Balanced – Nutrient Diet.

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